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1st Affair

Erin was in a long term relationship with Randy. This is new for her. She is basically a reformed slut. But you can never stop being slutty, and the need for a new cock will always be there. It’s been 2 years since another dick has been inside her, and the same old thing from Randy was getting tiresome. But she would remain loyal. Really.

She was 5’3, 135 pounds, very pretty, blue eyes, creamy white skin, dirty blonde, long hair. She had some freckling, gorgeous ass, tiny feet. She had moved in with Randy in May, and took a job in a nearby city later that month as a cashier. She worked with Jason, 6 feet tall, about 230 pounds, shaved head. He wanted her the moment he saw her. The more he talked to her, the more he wanted her. She was outgoing, and receptive to flirtation. She basically put out the “fuck me” vibe.

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Was It Really A Dream

It was one of those nights where Jasmine was extremely tired, but sleep evaded her as she was worried about her boyfriend, Pat, why.. Pat was staying at his ex-girlfriend’s house, so sleeping wasn’t really going to happen. They had all gone out to Dubai because Pat claimed that he hadn’t seen his ex’s parents in such a long time, and after all they were ‘like family’.Righ from the offset Jasmine thought “bullshit.”

The five of them had met up and had lunch, we hit the casino for a few hours. Pat’s ex, Emma, was giving him eyes the entire evening which angered Jasmine but she refused to rise and contained her anger. Soon after they had dinner, it was around nine o’clock and Pat had the great idea that they should go back to the family’s summer house and catch up. Jasmine did want to support him and get to know these people but it was blatently obvious they didn’t like her. Jasmine came from Manchester and grew up not thinking about having the finer things like fast cars and designer clothes and such. So she wasn’t going to put herself through torture while they talked about their million-dollar homes in L.A. and their daughter’s Cambridge education. They had already made her feel out of place when she showed up wearing skinny jeans, flats, and a semi-casual dress top, Emma’s mother asked “is that all you have dear?” It was at that moment, Jasmine realised that if she stuck around for the rest of the night, someone would end up either in the hospital or under arrest… and it would have most likely been her.

It was late and Jasmine really wanted to get back to the hotel room. so she told Pat she wasn’t feeling well and that he should go on and have fun with everyone else. He kept asking me if she was sure and would she be OK alone and if he should stay with her. Jasmine  smiled and said, “Look, it’s ok. You go ahead and reminisce and I’m going to go back and get some rest.” Pat kissed her and said that he would be back to take care of her, promising not to be late.  Stepping into the taxi back to the hotel Jasmine couldn’t help thinking, “I’m sure if it was up to Emma, you’ll be taking care of her too”.

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Hard Nipples

Steffi Lange swep into her office with a grim look on her face, and her executive assistant, Shelly Engel, rolled her eyes and thought to herself, ‘Oh shit, it’s gonna be one of those days!!!”Pouring a fresh cup of coffee, she knocked on Steffi’s door and entered he boss’s office. “Here’syour coffee and the Journal, she said, placing them on the desk in front of the blond executive.“Men are such pigs,” spat Steffi! “What happened,” asked Shelly, as she took a chair across from the large desk in front of her boss? “When I was walking from the train I think everyman on the street must have looked at my chest! It just makes me sick,” said an irate Steffi!!!Now Steffi Lange was a very good looking woman with mane of blond hair and long slim legs, she is just naturally going to command attention from the opposite sex. What really makes them sit up and take notice, however, is her more than ample chest. An easy 38D, she is every man’s wet dream! Her unusually large nipples seem to be constantly erect, and it seems that now matter how heavy a bra or blouse, they poke through the fabric and seem to say to the world, “Here I am, look at me!” And that, is exactly what happens! This morning for example, at least twiceone man poked another in the ribs just to point out her obvious assets! In the winter at least shecould cover up with a heavy coat, but in this heat, even a light jacket felt oppressive.

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My Cousin’s Granddaughter Part 2

After my first ass-fuck ever, courtesy of my stupendous cousin Dana, I was emotionally and physically drained, as was she. But we knew we had lots to do that day. Since her sun dress had been unceremoniously ripped off her by yours truly, I helped her safety pin it together so that we could have a shred of dignity as we went down the elevator and to my car, and then drove to her house so that she could change into clothes suitable for the funeral. Since she lived relatively far away from the rendezvous at Nate’s house, we had to hurry. We got to Nate’s on time, offered Dana’s granddaughter Jill a ride, and caravanned with the other relatives to the funeral home. At the funeral home, rather than sitting with her parents or siblings, Jill insisted on sitting between Dana and I, each of her hands clinging to one of ours. The service was primarily uplifting, not sad, for aunt Lillian had led a full and happy life, but Jill didn’t seem to know when to laugh or when to cry. After the visit to the cemetery, we could see that Jill was still perplexed, so Dana and I asked her to have dinner with us. Before we left for the restaurant, while I chatted with other relatives Dana pulled Jill aside and seemed to have an intense heart-to-heart talk with Jill for at least 15 minutes. We then left.

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Come In

The buzzer on the office intercom sounded harshly, awaking Sarah from her daydream. She’d thought about this moment for months, and was now very nervous about this next stage.

“Hello”, she replied into the microphone.

“Ah Sarah, could you come in for dictation?”

“Yes, of course. Would you like me straight away?” There was a short pause, as if Steve’s reply was being filtered, or suppressed.

“Er , yes please.”

Sarah knocked on Steve’s door and entered. He did his usual minimal recognition of her, and motioned her to sit down opposite to him in the lounge area of his office. She had worked for Steve for two years, and since his early and crude attempts at seduction, which she’d rejected, the relationship had been one of ‘detached professionalism’. She sat down and awaited his directions. Her choice of today had become inevitable. And her selection of clothing had been made very carefully. She tapped her pencil on her note pad, and crossed her long dark stocking clad legs. Her short, pinstriped skirt rode up nicely on her upper thighs, revealing a lot of her best assets. She was careful not to catch Steve’s eyes looking at her, but the long pause seemed to confirm that he was taking advantage of the view.

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My Cousin’s Granddaughter Part 1

To set the stage, I’m a normal guy sexually. While I am big (6’4”, 220 lbs., ex-defensive end), I have a normal size dick and libido, had only two sexual partners until my early 60s, and am no sex machine; I have never had more than one orgasm in 4 hours, or 3 in 24, in my whole life. I consider my sex life with my wife very good. But when I got into my early 60s, and started to see the variety of cunts on porn sites while the frequency of my erections lessened, I started to seriously wonder what feeling another pussy would be like before it was too late.

My original love was my first cousin Dana. We rarely saw each other because she lived in Southern California and I lived in upstate New York , but when we did it was clear I had a crush on her and that she liked me too. We had a few intimate kisses when I was 16 and she was 18, but nothing more. At 18 she was about 5’10”, dark complexion, long and wavy brown hair, beautiful big brown eyes, a sculptured nose, legs long and shapely enough to be a model’s, a volleyball shaped ass, and a nice rack. When I started to come into my “curious” stage in my early 60s, she is the one I thought of most. I knew she was divorced, had been married 3 times, and had had at least one affair, and I wondered if she ever thought about me.

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